Twenty Time Evaluation


  • What did you enjoy about the experience?

I really enjoyed that I was able to find a new passion and that I know that one day I will become a professional pastry chef and the other part of my project has made me much better at editing, which I also now love doing, but learning gymnastics on my own was very challenging but the most fun. I think my favorite part was coming up with the final video, because even though it took me a long time, it was so fun to make, and so worth it.

  • What was the most challenging aspect of your Twenty Time project?

I did my Twenty Time almost every day in some form, splits, or trampoline, prepping, editing, baking, looking for recipes.

  • What is one thing you learned about yourself by participating in your Twenty Time project?

I like a challenge and I am willing to sacrifice everything for what I love doing.

  • What are you most proud of? Why?

My final project video because it expresses my setbacks and accomplishments on the trampoline, as an editor, and a baker.

  • What lessons did you learn from your successes?

When you truly love something, you make time for it.

  • What lessons did you learn from your failures?

That in baking and tricking and editing you have to be willing to fail in order to gain experience. I never saw failures as failures, but as learning curves.

  • What is one thing about this project you believe you’ll remember for a long time to come?

That this is where my interest for baking, food photography, editing, and gymnastics began.

  • What is something the teacher could have done to make this project better?

There was not anything that Mrs. Wittman could have done to make this project better because I loved it so much.

Thanks for such an amazing year, my life has actually changed so much since Twenty Time!


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