Post 18: Final Reflection

I learned a lot from my experience with my Twenty Time project. First, I gained a small amount of responsibility from setting up my own singing lessons. It jump started me into making all of my appointments. Secondly, I learned a lot about  what I’m truly interested in. Sometimes you need to try something and hate it to know what you really enjoy. The most challenging aspect of my Twenty Time project was definitely getting myself to enjoy the experience. It was also hard to motivate myself because of how much I didn’t enjoy it. Throughout the project, I also learned that I will not keep up with something and commit solid amounts of time to things that I do not enjoy. Also, basing your interests on the interests of people you admire will never work out the way you intend it to. Out of everything, I am most proud that I was able to set up my own singing lessons, and that I have continued to maintain that part of responsibility in my life even after I quit the lessons. From that particular success, I learned that things can be done to your liking more if you do it yourself. From my general failure of not having fun with the project, I learned how to choose projects and how I would most enjoy spending my free time. I definitely do not think I will forget how terrible it can be to base a choice on anything other than my own preference. If Ms. Wittman had given more examples of previous Twenty Time projects at the beginning of the year, particularly projects based on service, maybe I would have been able to make a better choice.

Post 17: Fifteenth Twenty Time

I was finally able to finish up the No Doubt video, and I am relatively pleased with it. It seems like a really good way to end my Twenty Time project. I eventually discovered that iMovie has its own sound effects, so I could have easily just used them to creatively add background music. I did end up using one of them several times, but honestly, the order and frequency of the background percussion is almost entirely random. I just added a sound where it seemed a sound was needed. If I knew more about music, maybe I would have been able to compose some really cool song out of my singing and other YouTube videos like my inspiration, Kutiman. Here is one of his videos, if you are looking to feel wonderful today.

Towards the end of the class period, I rushed the video making, so isn’t exactly what I wanted, but I am still proud that I decided to step out of my comfort zone.

Post 16: Fourteenth Twenty Time Day

I spent today’s class fiddling with iMovie to try and finalize my last video. I wasn’t able to get it done because of how complicated editing videos is. I had no idea! I’ve never spent so much time on one video, and it gets frustrating listening to the same thing over and over again. I also struggled to realize what I want the video to look like or be. Originally, I planned on making the video a bunch of percussion with singing in the background. This would mean several long pieces of video of clapping and snapping, but I have found that it is much easier to make one small piece of audio that includes one clap or one snap. This means that the video will probably look the same as my others, in the sense that the only visuals will be my face. The difference will lie in the homemade percussion in the background. However, I have found that even that is difficult because my singing was done a cappella and without any regard to rhythm. I hope I am able to be proud of the video when it’s done.

Post 15: Thirteenth Twenty Day

I am still not done with the video I started last Twenty Time, and I am not very close to getting it done. Today I attempting to film rhythmic snapping to the music, but I was deterred by several factors. First, my singing is not to any particular beat, so the beat changes throughout the song, making it rather difficult to make a small clip of snapping that can duplicated to fit the entire song. If I were to try and do it any other way, however, it would probably take hours. As you know, I do not have hours. I have fifty minutes every day 7. In addition, recreating the idea of snapping to a blank white background was complicated to say the least. I ended up settling for the lined wall outside of Kenan Auditorium to the snapping of Kaynaz. I am not sure I will even use that clip because the snapping doesn’t line up with the entirety of the song. I am thinking that it might be a smart idea to continue editing and creating this video until the end of the Twenty Time project. That way, I really can have hours in the sense that the fifty minutes each day 7 will accumulate. So far, I have so much to thank Elena for, as she has helped me deal with and  understand editing videos with her expertise.

Post 14: Twelfth Twenty Time Day

I spent today’s Twenty Time class time to record a video of me singing Don’t Speak by No Doubt and to gather information on how to create more complex videos. I spent a good amount of time talking with Elena, and I think I have a solid plan as to how I am going to go about adding new sounds into my videos. That said, I still need Elena to help walk me through the process in iMovie. Next Twenty Time, I am going to record me snapping to  the beat of the song, other forms of percussion, and Elena playing guitar to the song. I really hope it ends up working out, because I think it is going to make the action of creating videos much more exciting and enjoyable, even if it does take a longer amount of time. At this point, I have to continue using my computer for the recording process, and I think that is how it is going to be for the rest of the year, but I don’t mind that so much. This is going to be fun!

Post 13: Eleventh Twenty Time Day

I spent today’s Twenty Time in one of the sound proof rooms next to Mr. Bohanek and Mr. Meyer’s rooms. Elena and I worked on a video, and I think it reestablished a bit of the interest I had in music and singing. We recorded several times, and she is going to edit the it within the next two days. I’m kind of excited to see the final thing. It should be uploaded in the next couple of days. Did you know that not only can Elena sing and play guitar (her Twenty Time project is becoming impressive), but she also loves to edit videos! Who knew anyone actually enjoyed that kind of a thing? I really hope to use her knowledge and talent even more in the future, even if it is just to help me edit videos in a different way. I think I want to change my Twenty Time project once again to try something new. I want to work more with editing videos and making them more complex. For example, I could make a video out of many different takes with different people. I don’t really know what I’m talking about, so I think I am going to use the knowledge of my classmates to help me. They are all very talented. I don’t know if I should get a camera or if I could use one of Mr. Haynes’s. Next Twenty Time might just be all about gathering information. I am going to have to think on it.

Post 12: Tenth Twenty Time Day

I have reached yet another conclusion after today’s Twenty Time. I went into class without any plan, and I ended up creating a video that I am not particularly proud of. The videography was particularly poor as you cannot see the first half of my face for a large amount of the video, and I did not feel as passionate about what I was speaking about as I did during the last video. To avoid the recreation of the disappointment I experienced today, I created a plan in the time I had left after editing and uploading my video to YouTube. Next Day 7 is going to spent working with Elena on a YouTube video that will include her guitar skills and her voice. In addition, I hope that this video will have a lot more editing involved in it, making it more complex and more fun to make. I plan on using Elena’s love and skill for editing film (that I didn’t know existed before today) to my advantage. I am beginning to feel excited again!

Post 11: Ninth Twenty Time Day

I spent the class time today differently than I have in past Twenty Time days. With the help of fellow classmates and Ms. Wittman, I decided on my Mid-Year Evaluation that I would switch up my project in the way that I would not exclusively sing on my YouTube channel. Instead, I am going to branch out and do different things. Today, I made a list of a bunch of songs and artists that I love right now, and then I made a video discussing them. It was much shorter than I originally anticipated, but it was more fun to make than many of my other singing videos. It ended up more than a rant than anything else, and I don’t know if anyone is going to enjoy watching it, but I had fun, and that counts for something.

I don’t quite know where my project goes from here, but I’m thinking of playing things by ear. I think it might be fun to make a video that revolves around my mood. If I’m feeling the need to sing, I’ll sing. If I want to rant about society, I’ll rant about society. In the description, I’ll write the reasoning behind the day’s particular video. I’m excited!

Post 10: Mid-Year Evaluation

Today’s Twenty Time was spent discussing my project with a small group and reviewing the project’s of the people in my group. Talking about my project made me realize how little effort I put into it nowadays. It appears as if everyone else still feels somewhat passionate or excited abut their projects, while I do not. A small talk with Ms. Wittman and the general discussion with my group made me feel like I need to change my project. I think I still want my project to be on YouTube because I don’t know what I would do if I were to change that aspect of it. With the help of Grace, I have decided to change what I am doing with my YouTube channel. Depending on how I feel each week, I want to do either challenge videos, or advice videos, or maybe I will even sing if I am feeling the urge. I just want to do what makes me happy and keeps me motivated!

Post 9: Eighth Twenty Time Day

Today’s fifty minutes of Twenty Time started as they normally do, by choosing a song to sing. While I was choosing, I started to discuss a possible time to record a song with Elena. Her project is about learning guitar, and she also really likes to sing, so I think doing a video with her would work well. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any time over the next month because she is busy with driver’s ed, but I’m sure we’ll work something out relatively soon.

The song I chose was Let it Go by James Bay, and I recorded it relatively quickly. I cut the song short because I honestly don’t know it very well, which allowed me to finish it in around fifteen minutes. The vine I posted also took a short amount of time, and I went into the classroom to edit with around twenty minutes left in class. It didn’t take me long to edit and post the video, leaving me with a lot of time to contemplate how I feel about where this project is going, and I have come to a few conclusions. First, continuing voice lessons is probably a good idea to continue my improvement. Second, I have started to enjoy singing less and less, and I’m not entirely sure what to do about it. I have also found that I am becoming less and less invested in my YouTube channel every day. As of now, I don’t know what to do with these new found conclusions, but I certainly have my thinking cap on.

Today’s video: