Post 8: Seventh Twenty Time Day

My seventh day of Twenty Time was mostly spent recording my first YouTube video in a month, as well as my first Vine in a month. It has gotten to the point where I am only posting videos for Twenty Time, and I am even considering quitting voice lessons. I’m not sure how much I enjoy singing anymore. Regardless, I decided on the song fairly quickly and made my way to my usual recording spot — the bleachers behind Keenan. Recording the song I’ll Be by Edward McCain went fairly smoothly with a few interruptions from passing upper schoolers. I’ve found that it’s very difficult to not be embarrassed while singing and attempting to be hidden by bleachers from classmates. Nevertheless, I finished all of the video taping within thirty minutes, giving myself plenty of time to edit my YouTube video to perfection. Unfortunately, I have yet to edit any of my Vine videos because it doesn’t appear as if anyone watches them other than me, and I don’t know how to create a larger audience. For now, my Vines will have to go without edits.

Once I returned to the classroom, I only spent about five minutes editing the volume and the general picture of the video, because there were not any things I wished to change about it. I spent the rest of class time reviewing my channel and looking at old comments made on my videos. I also spent a bit of the time studying for other classes because I was unable to upload my video from school, and I wanted to make sure I had time to do so at home.

Here’s my video! I hope you enjoy it!

Post 7: Sixth Twenty Time Day

Today’s Twenty Time was spent rather unconventionally. My fifty minutes were not actually spent in class, seeing as it was raining and I could find no classrooms to sing in. I spent class time doing homework so I could have enough time at home to spend fifty minutes on singing.

Once again, it took me what felt like ages to find a song to choose, and I was especially conflicted because I wanted to sing an upbeat song. My aunt told me over Thanksgiving break that all the songs I sing are sad, making it seem as if I’m depressed. That is certainly not the message I would like to send to the world, so my search for a song increased in difficulty. I finally settled on I’m Good by the Mowgli’s (I have no idea how to pronounce that). After several takes, I finally had a video I didn’t feel embarrassed about posting on the internet. I also used that song for my Vine post because I had already used up so much of my fifty minutes looking for that one song. My last ten minutes were spent editing the video I posted on YouTube on iMovie.

I hope an upcoming video for one of the next Twenty Time will contain instrumentals that don’t come from my computer. To do that, I hope to collaborate with one of my instrument-playing classmates for another video that contains more than just me.

Here is my most recent YouTube video:

Post 6: Fifth Twenty Time Day

Today’s Twenty Time was spent recording videos, editing them, and picking songs. After about five to ten minutes of searching for a quiet spot to record, I settled on a space by the bleachers by the field. I almost immediately decided to sing Sorry by Justin Bieber, since I’ve been loving his songs lately. I spent more than twenty minutes recording multiple takes, before finally feeling somewhat satisfied. I used a little bit of time after that to put my newly acquired editing skills to the test. I increased the volume, made the video a bit more colorful (it was feeling dreary), and cut a little bit of the end of the video.

The rest of the class was spent on Vine, which I’ve just begun to use. I have three videos uploaded, including the one posted today, and nine followers. It took a decently long time and a lot of frustration to figure out what song I was going to sing. It is a lot more complicated than you would think. The chorus of the song is preferable to sing since it is more recognizable, and there are not that many songs that have choruses that are almost exactly six seconds. In addition, I have the strange urge to be unique, and there are a certain amount of songs that everyone on Vine sings because of how perfectly timed they are. It made my recording very difficult. I did, however, record something and post it, even if I am not entirely pleased with it.

I have felt more and more detached from my YouTube channel, and have become less and less regular with posting. I rarely have a Song Saturday. It is generally more like a Song Sunday, or, in this case, a Song Wednesday. I think I am just very busy, and I’m finding it hard to fit it into my schedule. I hope I will be able to set aside more time in the future.

Here is the YouTube video I posted today:

Post 5: Fourth Twenty Time Day

Friday’s fifty minutes of Twenty Time were used to do a variety of things for my YouTube channel. I spent several minutes asking for suggestions on songs to cover and got a few ideas that I plan on using for a future Song Saturday. I also spent a fair amount of time reviewing the video Miriam and I recorded at her house on Monday covering Take Me to Church by Hozier. I experienced some technical difficulties and was not able to upload the video until today (Sunday). Miriam had recorded the video with her camera and uploaded it to her computer. She sent the footage to me by email, but the quality on my computer was far below the quality of the video on hers. It made things a bit more difficult, but fortunately, Miriam was able to upload the video earlier today.

Another portion of my class time was spent on iMovie figuring out how to import and edit videos. Miriam was kind enough to spend a couple minutes of her time helping me with a few simple things, and I played around with it from there. I found that videos that I had recorded in the past were able to be improved with iMovie by increasing volume or drowning out background noise. However, I do not really want to upload the improved videos, because I want to be able to look back on my channel and see how my videos have changed over time. As for the future, I’m hoping to set up another collaboration sometime soon and maybe buy a camera that will strengthen the quality of my videos.

Here’s the video of Miriam and I covering Hozier’s Take Me to Church:

Post 4: Third Twenty Time Day

Today’s fifty minutes of twenty time were spent in one of the sound proof rooms off of Mr. Meyer’s room. Miriam and I spent the beginning of the class period figuring out what song we were going to cover and how we would break it up. After much discussion, Hozier’s song, Take Me to Church was chosen because of its ability to be harmonized with and its relatively simple chords.

Throughout the class period, Miriam and I ran through the song several times, and we are both very excited to get to record our cover of the song with her playing guitar. I am thoroughly impressed by Miriam’s guitar, as well as her voice, and her general knowledge of music. I was also shocked to learn that she is a part of a band! I felt like quite the apprentice. I have learned a great deal from those mere fifty minutes (I wasn’t even aware there were sound proof rooms), making me even more excited for Sunday, when we will actually be recording the cover.

Here is my last video (recorded during the last twenty time period):

Post 3: Second Twenty Time Day

Today’s fifty minutes of Twenty Time were spent in multiple ways. I spent the beginning portion of class asking peers for recommendations on songs to cover and researching some different songs on my own. Over the weekend, I became interested in using vine as another platform to sing covers of songs, but my unupdated phone has prevented me from downloading the app. My phone is having absolutely refuses to update and it is becoming frustrating. After asking my classmates for help and receiving none, I went on a search for a place where I could sing without bothering anyone. I did not necessarily accomplish that goal, which lead me to sing very quietly. Regardless, I did record a video of me singing Somewhere Only We Know by Keane that I may or may not post to YouTube for this Song Saturday.

I ended the class period by asking several instrument players if they would like to help me record a cover sometime. After many rejections, I finally found someone who was willing to sing and play guitar with me on my channel. In truth, I only spoke to two other people before Miriam agreed, but it did feel like a lot of rejection. Not only does Miriam have a song in mind, but she has a camera and the ability to edit videos. She can help me so much!

Since it’s Thursday and I only upload videos on Saturdays, here’s the video I posted last Saturday:

Post 2: First Twenty Time Day

Today, October 4, 2015, was my first Twenty Time. Since I missed school on Friday, I had to do my fifty minutes outside of class. In all honesty, I spent at least an hour on my YouTube video. It’s one thing to post videos online while able to pretend like no one you know is watching, but it is entirely different to post videos knowing that your peers will watch them. It is also decently painful when you’re recovering from a cold and you’re throat feels like death.

I spent at least forty minutes recording different takes of me singing Sugar by Maroon 5 and watching them over and over. After five takes and much deliberation, I decided to switch to a different song. I spent about ten minutes searching for that perfect song when I realized I wasn’t going to find it. I eventually settled on It Will Rain by Bruno Mars. This is why you should never delete recordings, kids. If I hadn’t deleted my previous recordings of me singing Sugar, I could have avoided the extra time and vocal strain (my cold). I recorded two takes with that song and finally posted a video without any instrumentals in the background for the first time since my first ever video.

My perfectionism gets in the way of posting quickly, since I have yet to figure out how to effectively edit, or edit at all to be honest. I hope to find someone who can teach me relatively soon. I would also love to see if I could get musicians and other singers at DA to come onto my channel and be a part of my videos. I look forward to my next Twenty to see what I can do!

Here is the URL of my video:

Post 1: Explanation of Project

Hello world! My twenty time project is going to be making videos of myself singing and posting them on YouTube. Since I am currently taking voice lessons, my voice teacher will help me with my vocals and making sure I am not hurting them. I plan on my audience being people who like music and like to sing, or just people who generally like to watch YouTube. I think my project is worthwhile because I love to sing and I love spending time doing it, and I also want to learn to make good quality videos along the way. At the end of the year, I will not only have a YouTube channel full of great videos to show as a product, but I will also have a compilation video that includes all of the videos I make over the course of the year. As of now, I do not plan on having any sort of expenses for this project, but, if need be, I will buy a better quality camera. However, if needed, I will pay for it with my own money, also known as my allowance. Like stated earlier, I probably won’t need any special equipment, and if I do end up needing it, I will pay for it myself. I’ll post my video the first Saturday after we are told to begin working and post every Saturday after that.