• What did you enjoy about the experience?
  • What was the most challenging aspect of your Twenty Time project?
  • What is one thing you learned about yourself by participating in your Twenty Time project?
  • What are you most proud of? Why?
  • What lessons did you learn from your successes?
  • What lessons did you learn from your failures?
  • What is one thing about this project you believe you’ll remember for a long time to come?
  • What is something the teacher could have done to make this project better?

First, I enjoyed learning how to make new recipes. I now have a more extensive knowledge on cooking and can use it in everyday life. I also liked learning how to use TimeLapse and iMovie. Editing all of my videos really helped me learn new editing skills. The technological part of my twenty time was the most challenging part of the project. I lost one video because of technology issues. I also had a hard time importing all of the videos from the iMovie app on my phone to my computer. I learned that I really enjoy cooking and that I should try to appreciate and explore other cultures more often. I am most proud of the time when I made dumplings. To get the ingredients to make them, I went to an Asian food store. The store was a wonderful place to learn more about Asian culture. I am proud that this recipe has allowed me to see and experience other cultures. The dumplings also turned out delicious and are one of my favorite foods I made during this project. From my successes, I learned that making simple foods is always the way to go. Although making what seem to be lavish dishes with fancy ingredients is tempting, simple and straightforward recipes almost always turn out better. From my failures, I learned to always save my work and back my computer and phone up. After losing some content, I realized the importance of what seem to be trivial things. I will always remember the time when I visited the Asian food store. It was a such a great experience to see the ways of people of different cultures. The experience will always remind me to keep an open mind and to appreciate what other cultures have to bring. The only thing that the teacher could have done is to plan the presentations more. It is partly the students fault because most people went over five minutes. A quick check with the teacher about the person’s presentations to make sure they aren’t too long may prevent from the problem happening again. In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I hope that future ninth grade teachers will have this project as part of their curriculum.

Post n.17

This weekend, I made Iranian walnut cookies. They are a staple in Iranian cooking. They are simple, easy, and quick to make. The cookies consist of ground walnuts, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and egg yolks. As you can see, there are very few ingredients in this cookie. The first step to making the cookies was to whisk the powdered sugar and the egg yolks until the mixture became creamy and light colored. I then added the vanilla extract and mixed well. Next, I grounded walnuts into a course meal in a good processor. I then added the walnuts into the egg mixture and folded it in. I put teaspoon sized cookies onto a baking pan and baked the cookies for about twenty minutes. The cookies turned out hard on the outside and soft and chewy in the inside. They tasted a little strange. They were not very sweet or flavorful. I think that they were strange to me because I was not used to their taste. However, I can definitely see how they are a staple in Iranian cooking.

Post n.16

This weekend, I made couscous. My dad helped me make the dish by giving me directions and instructions. The vegetables I used in the recipe were carrots, parsnips, tomatoes, and onions. First, I washed them and soaked them in water. Next, I put a large chicken breast and all the vegetables in a pot with water, olive oil, turmeric, and salt. I let the vegetables and chicken cook for about 20 minutes. I then drained the broth from the vegetables and chicken and used it to cook the couscous grain. Once the couscous absorbed all the broth, I put the it in a bowl and piled vegetables on top of it. The only recipe I have left to make is a dish from Iran. I am planning on making it this weekend, since I have no games. Once I am done with all the recipes, I will put finishing touches on the videos and choose with


Post n.15

For my next twenty time, I will be making food from my second home, Morocco. My father was born and grew up in Morocco. Me and my family visit Morocco every summer. During these visits, I visit my family who lives in Rabat. Moroccan tradition includes social gatherings and a large feast. `When we visit our family, I eat delicious traditional Moroccan food. I will be making couscous, a very common Moroccan dish. It is made of the grain couscous, various vegetables such as zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, and a protein such as chicken or beef. It is often served with medjool dates, which are a staple in Moroccan cooking. I will be making couscous with chicken. I do not need to find a recipe of this dish because my father knows how to cook it. The dish is simple to make. It will take about an hour and a half in total.

Twenty time n.14

Last weekend, I remade the North Carolina buttermilk biscuit video. That dish was the first dish I ever made for this project. The old video that I made was deleted from the iMovie app because I had accidentally deleted the clips on my camera roll. I re-filmed using the same recipe. I dish was easy and fast to make, it took a total of about forty five minutes. The biscuits were plain, meaning I did not add any spices or parmesan. I first started by mixing the dry ingredients. They consisted of flour, salt, baking soda, ect. Then, I crumbled butter with my hands and added it to the dry ingredients. I mixed until the dough was a corse meal. I finally added the buttermilk and put the biscuits in the oven. The biscuits tasted good in the end, but they were a little plain for my liking. This is just a contrast from all the other flavorful dished I have made in the past.

Twenty time n.13

Recently,  I have not made many dishes. This is because my house is under renovation and my kitchen is not easily accessible. I am hoping to make my next dish next weekend because is it the weekend of spring break and hopefully my kitchen will be ready for me to cook in it again. Since I am not able to cook for a while, I will be focusing on editing my videos. All my videos are edited already, but there are some finishing touches that I would like to add. My videos are on average 2-3 minutes long, which I think is pretty good considering that the recipe can take up to two hours to make. My goal is to make the videos interesting and entertaining for the audience to watch. To do this, I am speeding up to footage so it is less long. I am also adding titles to each video clip, showing what ingredients are needed. Once the video is fully edited, I add background music that is fun and upbeat.

Twenty time n.12

For my next twenty time, I will be making vegetable noodle soup. This dish is from Iran/Persia. There are many ingredients in this recipe because I will be making the broth, the noodles, and preparing the vegetables for the soup. This recipe takes one hour and thirty five minutes to prepare. I was originally going to make roasted pears with basil ice cream from Iran, but as I was looking through the recipe, I realized that there were many ingredients that I would not be able to get. My most recent recipe that I made was Yalanchi, from Iraq. The dish was rice stuffed tomatoes. My filming experience was a little worse than normal because I forgot to film some important steps in the cooking process. Hopefully this won’t affect the video very much, because the dish turned out very well. The combination of sweetness from the pine nuts and cinnamon contrasted to the freshness of the tomato and onions was very good.

Twenty Time n.11

The twenty time, I researched Iraqi recipes, as Iraq is my next country to cook dishes from.  I have to decided to make Yalanchi. Yalanchi is a traditional Iraqi dish that consists of tomatoes stuffed with rice. The dish is very simple to make, but seems to be representative of Iraqi cuisine. I have seven videos right now, and my goal is to get to ten dishes in total. My priorities are to make dishes from countries around the world that have conflict. This is because I want to appreciate other things in countries than the political conflict and appreciate culture, which is often overlooked. I hope to find time in my day to visit Mr. Cochran and figure out how to transfer my iMovie videos from my phone to my computer. My editing had vastly improved over time, and it is evident from watching the first and most recent videos.

Twenty Time n. 10

My original goal was to make recipes from countries on the 34th parallel. I wanted to experience different cultures through food and cooking. I also wanted to improve my filming skills by filming my cooking process. So far, the roadblocks I’ve hit are that I cannot find a way to transfer my videos from my phone to my computer. I have also lost one video, my biscuit video. I accidentally deleted the footage and now the video on iMovie is not accessible. My successes have been that I have created 6 fully edited cooking videos and they have mostly all turned out well. My filming and editing skills have improved a lot as well. My goal is to produce 10 videos of dishes around the world. I do not think I need to re-evaluate my goals. I am happy about what I have been able to accomplish so far. I am working to make sure that my videos are not boring and engage the audience. I am looking forward to cooking my next dishes and presenting my project.

Twenty time n.9

This past couple of weeks, I have made two dishes. I made a Syrian dish called Jaj Bil Forin and a Lebanese rice pudding dish. Jaj Bil Forin in Syrian means “chicken in oven”. This dish is baked chicken and potatoes seasoned with garlic, paprika, coriander, salt, and pepper. The chicken and potatoes were baked in a hot oven for 50 minutes. The dish was covered in tin foil until the chicken was fully cooked. Then, I removed the tin foil and turned the oven on a high broil to make the potatoes crispy and slightly golden. The Syrian dish was delicious and filling. However, The flavors were much less refined that some of the other dishes I have prepared. The Lebanese rice pudding is made of boiled white rice, milk, sugar, and orange blossom water. I first boiled the rice, milk, and sugar together until the rice softened. Then, I added cornstarch to thicken the mixture to a pudding consistency. Finally, I added orange blossom water for flavor and topped the pudding  with crushed pistachios. In the end, the pudding tasted a little strange, as I may have added to much orange blossom water. I am working on attaching the videos that I film and edit onto my posts.