Twenty time n.8

A lot has happened since my last blog post. I have since made sushi, dumplings, and vegetable Palau. The sushi was from Japan, the dumpings were from China, and vegetable Palau from Afghanistan. All the recipes went smoothly and tasted great in the end. However, in the middle if my sushi rolling process, I realized that I had been rolling the rice on the wrong side of the seaweed the whole time. This didn’t impact the taste of the dish but changed the traditional look of a California roll. The dumplings were probably one of my favorite recipes I have made, mostly because I discovered something completely new. I was researching where to find dumpling wrappers, when I came across Li Ming’s Global Mart. It is a large Asian market that looks ordinary and inconspicuous, but once I went inside, it was very interesting. There were racks of extremely cheap fresh produce and shelves full of exotic Asian produce. Most of the shoppers were Asian American, and the language spoken was all in an Asian language. The vegetable Pulau is also so far one of my favorite dishes. It had a wonderful range of flavors and was unique in its own way. This definitely proves that one should not focus on the negative in a country like Afghanistan, but instead value the good as well. I will try to link my videos that I filmed below, but so far I have been having issues with the amount of storage in the clips.

Twenty Time 7

This twenty time, I researched the recipe for my region. I have not made the sushi yet, as I am planning on making it this Sunday. My new region is China. I especially look forward to this region because I have alway wanted to visit China and experience the very different culture. I have eaten some Chinese cuisine in my past and I have always been interested in the new array of flavors that come through in the dishes. I decided to make traditional Chinese dumplings. During my research, I have found that the dumpling making process is harder than it seems. It requires many ingredients such as cabbage, pork, tofu, rice wine, ginger root, flour, and much more. The recipe involves many steps in order to make the dumpling wrapper, dipping sauce, and filling adequately. I am thinking of replacing the pork with chicken breast, as me and my family do not enjoy pork. I also do not want to change the recipe too much, or else I would not experience the full culture in the cuisine. The recipe also gives many options for the cooking of the dumplings. One can either steam, boil, or fry them. I would like to boil and fry them to get more diversity, but I will see if I have enough time. I am sure that I will need help from family members to film this recipe, for it is long and complicated. I am looking forward to making the sushi next weekend and the dumplings the weekend after.

Twenty Time n.6

Today, since I have already finished my first region, I  decided to research for recipes for my new dish. My next region is Japan, so I researched traditional Japanese cooking. Many dishes with meat came up, but since I do not eat meat, I unfortunately had to turn those options down. A constant dish that appeared on several websites was sushi. Sushi has been one of my favorite foods since as long as I can remember, but I don’t think that I have ever tasted real sushi. This is assuming that the vegetarian rolls from Whole Foods don’t count. The cooking process didn’t seem to complicated on the various cooking sites that I viewed. However, the ingredients seemed a little extravagant. Some recipes called for exotic fish, rare types of sauces and seaweed, etc. In the end, I decided that I will make sushi, despite the ingredient list. The whole point of my project is to explore new cultures, so might as well go all the way. I am going to make California rolls, which include nori (sea weed), avocado, smoked salmon, tobacco (flying fish roe), and other more basic ingredients. The end product will be a delicious sushi dish diffused with Californian culture. I am also excited to continue improving on my filming and editing skills with my time lapse video.

Twenty Time n.5

During my last twenty time, I made my first recipe. The first region that I am cooking from is the United States, so I decided to make a dish from one of my homes, North Carolina. I made traditional buttermilk biscuits using a recipe from a southern cooking blog. To film the cooking, I held my phone over the bowl and showed myself adding ingredients into the  bowl and mixing them together. I then moved over to the baking pan, where I filmed the process of transferring the dough onto the pan. After the biscuits were baked, I shot quick clip of the end results. The baking itself was very simple, as the recipe was not very intricate. It was challenging to bake and film at the same time, but help from family members made a big difference. After filming and baking, I began to edit the clips. At first, I had a huge amount of footage that would be very boring to watch, but I sped the video up and cut out the unimportant clips. I added music to the background to finish it off. In the end, I am pretty happy with my final result. I hope to improve on my filming quality next time. I have still not figure out how to attack my videos to my blog posts, as they exceed the maximum amount of storage that WordPress allows. I hope to have them up by next twenty time.

Twenty Time n.4

This twenty time was used to find out how to transfer my iMovie clips to my computer, and then from there to a powerpoint. This process took a while, but in the end I figured it out. I will need to know how to get movies on my power point because I am planning to include one or two videos in my end of project presentation. I started by researching the fastest ways to transfer videos between an iPhone and a mac, and many websites recommended Airdrop. Airdrop is a way to share media from device to device through bluetooth connection. The process only takes a couple minutes and can be done without wifi or 3G connection. Using my trial video, I airdropped the movie to my school MacBook Air from my phone. The movie can then be found in the “all files” in Finder under “movies”. To insert the movie into a powerpoint, I opened Microsoft Powerpoint and clicked on “insert”, then “movie”, then “movie from files”, then selected my movie from the “all files” section. If I didn’t edit the movie on my phone, I can import the movie into iMovie and edit from there. I am very glad that I have gotten this part of the project over, as I don’t like frustrating technology problems. Thankfully everything went smoothly, and I am excited to start cooking and filming!

Twenty Time n.3

This twenty time was dedicated to doing a trial run of the video taking process. I decided to film my normal coffee making process in the morning. I started by gathering all my ingredients and filming them so that the audience would be informed on what goes into a recipe. I then held my phone over my mug and filmed myself adding the boiling water, espresso powder, cocoa powder, cinnamon, sugar, and soy milk to the cup. Once the filming was done, I began the editing process. It is very important to edit out dull or uneventful moments so that the audience remains engaged. For example, I cut out clips where I was gathering ingredients, where I mixed my coffee for a long time, etc. After cutting clips, I sped up the video to twice it’s original speed. This edit keeps the video engaging, as watching a full length video of one making coffee would be quite boring. Finally, I added music to the video. Music completely changes the mood and ambiance of video, depending on what type of song one chooses. I watched the video with and without music, and found that without music was far less appealing. I unfortunately have still not found a way to export my imovie to my computer, but I will continue working on this issue next twenty time.

Twenty Time Project n.2

My first twenty time was dedicated to researching recipes online. My first culture that I will be cooking cuisine from is one of my homes, North Carolina. As I researched North Carolinian specialties, I noticed a common theme. North Carolina is very well known for it’s delicious pork dishes but unfortunately, I do not eat red meat, so I opted for something else. Biscuits are also a specialty in the southern states and especially in North Carolina. Biscuits sounded like a delicious and unfamiliar food to make, as I have never made them before. My goal is not to make heavy or dense biscuits that make one feel sick after just one bite. I strive to make fluffy and delicately flavored biscuits that are cooked just the right amount. To do this, I will follow trustworthy recipe blogs that have years of experience in southern cooking. My biscuits will be infused with different flavors, as I will add herbes and parmesan into the dough. In addition to biscuits, I will be brewing famous southern iced tea. This recipe was easy to find and seems relatively simple to make. I have always loved drinking cold and refreshing iced tea in the summer, but I have never had the chance to make it myself. I look forward to the upcoming adventures in my kitchen and blogging about them!

Twenty Time Project n. 1

My project will be cooking dishes from cultures that are on the 34th parallel on the globe. I will be filming my cooking process with time lapse. My parents will work with me on this project, as they have traveled of the places on the parallel. My sister has offered to help me film. The audience for my films are people from all ages who want to learn about cultures through cuisine and film.  This project is worthwhile because I will learn more about editing and filming, and I will learn about some unfamiliar cultures through doing something that I enjoy.  I expect to learn how to film and edit a full time lapse video and learn new things about cultures through cooking. I will need to pay for the ingredients with my money that I earned. I will also need various cooking supplies that I can purchase from cooking from stores. My phone will be my tool to film and my computer will be to edit. I will try to start my first cooking project in 2 weeks after researching recipes, and cook a once every two weeks.