Blog Guidelines

  1. The blog is an extension of our classroom, so please treat it this way.  This means you need to use appropriate language and think about what you write and post.  Be sure you check for spelling and grammar errors before publishing.  There are no excuses regarding the internet –  you are accountable for all comments you make and all things posted that are associated with your name.
  2. Be respectful.  Do not ever use the blog to vent about your personal feelings regarding another individual, school, corporation, etc.
  3. Be safe – no last names, home addresses, phone numbers, individual email addresses – any and all personal information needs to remain just that, personal and private.  Likewise, don’t write about another individual without their permission.  If you are in a situation where you can’t get their permission, use only their first name or initials.
  4. Keep it legal. Always keep copyright laws and fair use policy in mind as you are posting.  This is particularly important with pictures and music.
  5. Be able to back up what you say.  Much of your blog is based on your thoughts and opinions, but when you are writing about things that are factual, be sure to cite your sources with a link.  Make sure you know where that link is going – often we might be surprised about the additional content that can be associated with some websites, so be sure you’ve done your research first.
  6. Consider your audience.  Although this blog is primarily for our class to share their ideas and information, the real audience is anybody who might be online.  Always ask yourself whether or not what you are posting is something you would want everybody out there to know or have access to.