Twenty Time Reflection Questions

What did you enjoy about the experience?

I liked how we were able to pursue anything we wanted. At school, usually you aren’t able to choose what you want to learn more about or pursue, but with this project, we get to learn about something that we want to know. I liked how the project didn’t have specific guidelines on how you should approach the project/what you should get out of the project. The project was up to you and you got to decided what you wanted to get out of the project.

What was the most challenging aspect of your Twenty Time project?

The most challenging aspect was staying dedicated and exploring new things with photography. When going into the project, I set all these goals about wanting to learn how shutter speed, aperture, manual, etc. affected a photo and what they did, but a lot of times I found myself just slacking off and quickly taking pictures just so I could upload them to the blog. When I did try out new things with my camera, I got frustrated quickly because the photos weren’t turning out the way I wanted them too and I was confused on how to adjust all little aspects of the photo.

What is one thing you learned about yourself by participating in your Twenty Time project?

I learned that I am easily discouraged when the outcome is not what I pictured it to be. For example, after playing with my new camera, I wanted to start experimenting with manual, or adjusting the light, shutter speed, and focus. However, when I first started using this, I got frustrated really quickly and just switched back to auto because I had no idea what to do. I wish I would’ve stuck with it and learned more about how these aspects affect a photo and how to adjust according to the setting. I really want to work more with it because I know that if I play around with it more I will get the hang of it and see how each aspect affects the outcome of the photograph.

What are you most proud of? Why?

I am most proud of the pictures I took of people. I am really interested in capturing facial expressions and moments where someone is showing emotion. I realized halfway through the year that people are my favorite thing to photograph. I think I took a lot of good pictures of all different kinds of people. Here are some examples of the pictures I am proud of taking.



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What lessons did you learn from your successes?

I learned a lot from my successes. I learned that not all your photos are going to be great, but learn from the mistakes that you made. I learned that angles play a big factor in the outcome of a photo and finding that right angle can drastically change a photograph. I learned that experimenting with different buttons on my camera is a way to take a photo and see the difference it made and learn and apply that new button to other photos. My successes also showed me what worked and what didn’t. For example, when using manual, I took tons of pictures that looked awful and out of focus, but eventually, I got a really good photo. I got this photo by drastically changing the numbers the shutter speed and aperture were set to and realized that it worked really really well.

What lessons did you learn from your failures?

I had many failures throughout this project, however, they were good failures. By this I mean, I learned a lot by taking tons of pictures at once and seeing what I did on the photos that looked badly and comparing that to the photos that turned out how I wanted them to. When I started adjusting things on my own on my camera, I just randomly changed the shutter speed numbers to really high or really low and then took pictures of the same thing, just with different settings. With this, I evaluated what worked and what didn’t. The bad photos showed me what not to set the speed too and how that speed affected the quality of the photo.

What is one thing about this project you believe you’ll remember for a long time to come?

The fact that it got me into the habit of dedicating 20-30 minutes every week of taking pictures inside or outside. I will remember this because now this has gotten me into a routine of trying to take photos at least once a week. It has really helped me get better with using my camera and experimenting with times of day/lighting/angles. I think I will remember going outside wherever I was and just being free to take pictures of anything, even if it didn’t look cool, it was just really helpful to be free to photograph whatever I wanted.

What is something the teacher could have done to make this project better?

I was rushing to put together my end of the year presentation and wished I could have had a little more time to work on preparing. I was freaking out about it the night before and wished I would have had more time to practice my speech. Other than that, I thought this was such a fun project and next year would not change anything. I really enjoyed being able to pursue anything that I wanted and having no set guidelines.

Blog Post #17

This is my last twenty time day, and I feel like I accomplished a lot. I have gotten in the habit of taking pictures every week and dedicating time to going outside and photographing anything that looks cool to me. I realized I take a lot more pictures with my iphone, rather than my camera and actually, usually like the pictures that are taken with my iphone, than with the camera. I started putting together a slideshow of all my pictures that I have taken this year. It has been really fun to reflect on all the pictures I have taken and remember all the work that went into them. There is a wide variety of pictures that I have taken and I am really proud of my overall work this year. This weekend, my cousin let me take pictures with her camera and it was really interesting to see how different it was from mine. She told about the techniques she used and also told me how to use different settings on her camera. She prefers to manually focus instead of auto because she likes to capture one specific aspect of the photo rather than have it all in focus. She is going to help me out with using my camera this summer and using manual.

Blog Post #16


This was taken with manual– as you can see it is a little out of focus and a little dark

So, I started using manual! At first, it was incredibly hard and I struggled a lot. I didn’t know how much the exposure and shutter speed played into a picture. I also switched to manual focus, forcing myself to focus the picture. I started out by taking pictures of flowers to try and get the hang of it. It was hard to figure out how to adjust the lighting in order to make the picture look not over exposed and not under. I also, at first, set the shutter speed where it would expose for a very long time. Meaning that I would have to stay perfectly still in order for my picture to not be blurry. I took some with auto and some with manual, and I obviously prefer auto, but I think by moving into manual, I will feel like I am making the picture and that it is really mine. I like the feeling of being in control of what I am shooting and being able to make the picture the way I want it to look. I am going to continue working with manual and gaining more knowledge of the tools on my camera!DSC_0670DSC_0662DSC_0684DSC_0683DSC_0666

Blog Post #15

Today, during twenty time, I decided I was going to start using manual focus on my camera. In my photography class, we use cameras on manual focus instead of auto. By doing this I am able to better control how my photo will turn out and determine what works and what doesn’t. For my photos, I have mostly been using auto focus, but by switching to manual focus I am going to be able to adjust my camera to what I like. To test out the manual focus I am going to do a “trial.” I am going to test out how the shutter speed and light affect a photo. My next blog post, I am going to show the photos and explain how I tinkered with the shutter speed on manual focus. In order to really see the results of going onto manual focus and changing small little things, I am going to take a picture of the same thing 5 times, changing the shutter speed by a little every time. I am really excited to “fully” be in control of the camera and see how little changes affect the overall picture.

Blog Post #14

It was recently spring break and I went on to a place that had many photo opportunities. It was sometimes overwhelming at times because I wanted to take a picture of something really cool, but there were so many people around me it was difficult. The place I went had a wide variety of colors and really brightened up my blog for my photos. Most of my photos have been more neutral colors, while the photos I took this week have a variety of bright colors. Most of the pictures I took in the sunlight, but I didn’t use my “good” camera that I normally use. It was hard to carry around my big camera so I took the majority of my pictures on my iphone. It would have also been difficult to adjust my big camera to lighting during the day since it was so harsh. I found that some of my best pictures I have taken are when it is cloudy or there is overcast. I want to try and take more photos to really see how much the time of day and the lighting really affects my photos.

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Blog Post #13

Over the weekend, it was really sunny and pretty weather, so obviously, I decided to go take pictures. In my photography class, we are using digital cameras, but using manual focus and manual everything. I have been using auto focus on my camera at home because it was easier, but lately, I have been trying to switch to manual. With manual, I realized I am able to control my photo and get it to look how I pictured it in my head. It is also really cool to change the lighting and shutter speed on my own. It is more work to have my camera on manual, but I have really liked the way my pictures have turned out. Anyways, back to the weather this weekend. When I was taking pictures, I struggled with the sun overtaking the picture and making it way too bright. I really want to work on taking pictures in the sun because a lot of them have potential, I just need to set up the camera correctly and take into account my surroundings.

Blog Post #12

This has been a very exciting week because my new zoom lens came in for my camera!! The lens is so cool and it takes amazing pictures. It was fascinating to see how far the lens could zoom into things. I am going to try and upload pictures of the moon using my zoom lens. I took some test shots of it the other day and it kind of came out horribly. The lens didn’t really focus on the moon and the picture just turned out really blurry. I am going to try over the weekend to figure out how to focus and take better pictures with the lens. I am really interested in focusing on the moon and taking pictures that show lots of detail. My dad agreed to help me learn when to use the zoom lens and when to use my normal lens. On a different note, I have recently been taking lots of pictures of pretty much everything. I don’t know why, but recently I have been obsessed with taking pictures all of time. The pictures are looking really good and I can see myself improving. I am really excited to shoot with my new lens and continue to take more pictures.

Blog Post #11

So, today I was just hanging out in my bed and I had just opened my blinds. On my bed there are a couple fur blankets. The light coming from the blinds created this really cool patterns on the blankets. The contrast between the light and dark blankets looked really cool. I also just got these new shoes that I am obsessed with, so my thought process throughout taking these photos was to “show off” my shoes. I took many different pictures of the shoes and tested out many different angels to see the difference in lighting. At first, the flash on my camera turned on because the lighting was too dark. I took a couple pictures with the flash, but I really didn’t like the way they looked. It made the photos look way too white. I then turned off the flash and the photos turned out really well. DSC_0511DSC_0513DSC_0516DSC_0506

the last photo is with flash– it was way overexposed

Blog Post #10

In class, I found the evaluation of my twenty time very beneficial. I was really able to assess my project and my goals. I found out that my goals had been somewhat non-existent. Before today, I didn’t have any exact goals in mind. My goals now have been set in place and I know what I am trying to get out of this project. I want to start being comfortable taking pictures of everything and anything. I want to learn more about what goes into taking a “perfect” picture and learning about good lighting. Throughout this whole project, I have been very enthusiastic about taking pictures. I genuinely enjoy taking pictures of random things that I find cool. Aside from my project, it was really interesting to see other people’s twenty time projects. Talking with other people about what they were doing and how they felt about their projects was really cool. I liked seeing how passionate they were about what they were doing. Their was a wide spectrum of projects in our class and it was just so interesting to me that people came up with these ideas and really showed their interests through this project. I would love to do something like this again and I am very excited to see everyone’s projects at the end of the year.

Blog Post #9

It was an incredibly cold and snowy day, so I obviously went out and took pictures of the snow. For starters, taking pictures in the freezing cold is surprisingly easier than one would think. It was easy to work the camera, even with big gloves on. In order for me to get the “perfect” pictures, I wanted to shoot a variety of locations. I started photographing things around my house, such as our cars, the driveway, the trees next to my house, and plants that were covered by snow. After taking a few pictures around my house, I went on a walk outside of my house to this “park”. It isn’t an actual park, it is mostly woods and rivers, which makes it good for walking and taking pictures. I went with my dogs and took loads of pictures of them. I also tried to take pictures on a day where it was really sunny and the lighting was awful. I have found that taking pictures that are in focus is much easier on a day with overcast and grey skies. I started taking pictures of this little river, but I found it really hard to shoot a “cool” photo because it was moving so rapidly. After taking many pictures of the water, I finally got a good picture. I struggled when trying to photograph icicles on our cars at our house because I was trying to capture the simplicity and the transparency of the ice, but it was really hard to not capture obvious parts of the car.

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