Last Twenty Time Post

Although this is my last Twenty Time blog post, I have learned so much and I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to do this project. Some of the things I enjoyed about the experience are that I got to do something that I really never had time to do but was extremely interested in doing and also no offense to any of my teachers. It gave me a break of all of the school work and assignments and I was able to do something I really enjoyed during school. The most challenging aspect of my project was figuring out where I wanted to go with my whole topic. I had the idea of college basketball in my head, but putting it all together into a topic was very difficult for me. Also putting all of the information I had gotten into a recipe was extremely hard because I had so much information. Through this project I learned that I really do want to become a Division 1 College basketball player and that I really need to work hard to achieve my goal. Furthermore I learned a lot about the recruiting process that I will hopefully be going through in a couple years, which is when the coaches come watch you play and hopefully offer you a scholarship to their school. I’m most proud of my final recipe of what it takes to become a Division 1 college basketball player because I worked very hard to start and finish it. Some lessons that I learned from my success were that if you work hard success is right around the corner, you just have to work for it. But I also learned through my failures that success and failure come hand and hand. To be successful, failure comes first. One thing about my project that I will remember for a long time to come is the interview I had with Coach Mike Krzyzewski. I’ll remember this because I got to ask some very in depth questions about basketball and life, and with that I received incredible answers. Overall that interview was momentous in my life. A thing the teacher could’ve done better is to give the students more time to work on their project. Twenty Time felt very long, but in the end looking back on the project time was short and all of the students had to work hard to finish their projects. Another thing the teacher could’ve done better is to introduce the project in more depth, lots of students especially me were very confused when we were first assigned the project.

Twenty Time #17

Today started out on a sour note. I didn’t get the responses back from Coach K today. Although there was some sad news, there was also some good news which was that I decided to have one last interview! This last interview is going to be for Coach Nate James, a former college basketball player at Duke and now an assistant coach at Duke. I am excited about finishing this interview because it will give me all the perspectives from the Duke basketball coaching staff who all know everything there is to know about college basketball. By doing this I will finally get the chance to work on my final product and start gathering the information like I have previously done. Some of the questions I asked Coach James are the following: From a players perspective what did you do to distance yourself from other basketball players? Meaning what was distinctive about you that made you different from other players to college coaches? In my opinion I feel these are the most important questions because they really get the coaches/players to think about what they did to make it to the ultimate level of Division 1 college basketball. Lastly for my next twenty time I will hopefully have 2 interview responses to share and blog about. Also these will be my last two interview answers and I will finally get to blog about my final product. 

Twenty Time #16

Yet again for my 16th twenty time I decided to finish generating questions for Coach K on what the recipe to becoming a Division 1 college basketball player is. With this idea I asked him some questions that will get me closer to the final recipe, especially one’s like, how much effort, time, and hard work does it take to play Division 1 college basketball? When recruiting do you go see AAU games or high school games more often to look at these players? What are some of the prime locations for basketball recruiting? Hopefully I will be able to get my responses by the next twenty time day or the next preparation day whichever comes first. Also I have decided that in order to get all of the information I can get about the recipe I am trying to make, I should interview everyone on the Duke basketball coaching staff. So my next interview questions will be for Coach Nate James an assistant on the basketball staff. I can’t wait to interview Coach James from a player and coaches perspective because he has experience doing both. He played at Duke and has now coached for some years, and has lots of knowledge of the recruiting process and what it takes to become a Division 1 college basketball player. Furthermore this will be my last interview I will need and I can finally devote all of my time to my final recipe. Currently at this moment this task that is at hand may seem like it’s too much and there is no way I can finish this. But in my mind I am right on track to finishing my project! 

Twenty Time #15

Today for my twenty time I tried working on my final product once again. Mid way through I figured out that yet again I don’t have the information I need quite yet. I came to the conclusion that I only need one more interview. So for the rest of the twenty time period I decided to generate some questions for Coach Mike Krzyzewski. He is the current coach at Duke University and is the winningest coach in NCAA history. I am very excited about this interview because he is probably the most reliable source on figuring out what the recipe is to become a Division 1 college basketball player. Also I decided to split making these interview questions into two days. I am doing this so I can get the best questions I can possibly can for probably the most respected person in college basketball. Also I want to generate the most questions I can to get the most out of my last interview. Some of the questions I made today are similar to other interview questions I have made previously. Here are some of the questions I asked, where did your basketball career start? If you were recruited please explain that process? And lastly where did your coaching career start? These are just some of the questions I asked, hopefully next twenty time I will get to make more questions about the recruiting Coach K does. Stay tuned for some great interview answers and progress of my final product!

Twenty Time #14

Today was a very productive day for me, while working on my independent project. I finally got to work on my final product, just a reminder it is a baking recipe of how to become a Division 1 college basketball player. In order to form my final product, I tried to compare and contrast the interviews I have conducted with my sources. I was able to get a lot of great comparisons and some differences in the interviews. One of the main differences I noticed in the interviews between Coach Spatola and Jon Scheyer was the time difference. While Coach Spatola is 20 years older or more than Jon Scheyer, they had different types of recruitment that they individually experienced. Coach Spatola was recruited through high school basketball games and sending tapes of him playing to college coaches. Jon Scheyer was able to be recruited by college coaches through AAU basketball where his spectacular game was noticed by coaches. This just shows how the game and recruitment of basketball has changed over time. Some of the comparisons I made between the two interviews were that they both mentioned the offseason and how important it is to a player. The offseason is a time to work on your individual game and get in the gym as much as you possibly can, this was talked about in both interviews between Coach Spatola and Jon Scheyer. Although today was a successful day, I still don’t feel confident with the information I have conducted quite yet. I still believe I need more from people around the world of basketball. Hopefully next twenty time I will have an idea of who next to interview.

Twenty Time #13

Today for the 13th twenty time of the year. I received my responses from Mr. Spatola, my former 8th grade basketball coach. I asked him very similar questions as I have before in my past interviews with other coaches. But Coach Spatola’s interview stood out to me the most. The way he expressed his love and care for the sport was so honorary and obvious. While I knew the other coaches loved the sport as much as Coach Spatola does or even more, his interview was so elaborated and concise and he answered my questions perfectly. Some of the things that I found extremely interesting in my interview with Coach, was that he said in order to be recruited by D1 schools, you must go to the schools first. Whether it is sending them mail about your interest or video clips of you playing. Coach also said that the way to get better everyday is at anytime, get in the gym and work on your game constantly. This will help improve your game more than anything. Furthermore he said that what he looks for in a player is his passion, enthusiasm, and energy for the sport. He emphasized the importance of communication with coaches and teammates. Another great way to get noticed by D1 schools is by having your high school coach introduce you to these coaches or advertise your game in the D1 college world. I just want to thank Coach Spatola for a great interview, he has helped me so much and I am getting so close to my final product. Next twenty time I will hopefully get back to looking through all of my information and interviews I have conducted, and start on my final product.

Twenty Time #12

For my 12th twenty time of the year, I finally received my Jon Scheyer interview questions! I was really excited to see what he had to say about my interview questions and after reading them I’ve gained even more knowledge about the sport of basketball. I learned what coaches look for when recruiting top players, some of these things are they must be a great student and strive to get be the best one they can possibly be, what type of feel do they have for the game (meaning the type of player they are, scorer, passer, attacker), and how hard they play the game. Something interesting that Jon said during this question is that how hard you play is in fact a skill, I was shocked by this, because in my opinion I always thought it was a mental aspect in a players mind. Also I learned that going to highly ranked high school basketball tournaments is a great way to get recognized by coaches. Furthermore, Jon also stated in his interview that the way he got recruited was by being a fantastic student in school, he was a very successful high school basketball player, and lastly he has always had a good character or personality that was attractive to coaches. I’m very glad and thankful to Jon for answering these questions, because I am now one step closer to my final product.

Twenty Time #11

This afternoon we had our eleventh twenty time of the year. I decided to spend my time working on some more questions for Coach Spatola, a teacher at Durham Academy, who is very well respected for what he has done basketball wise. He was one of my former coaches, when I played on the Durham Academy Eighth grade team. I loved every moment with him, and he was one of the best coaches I have ever had. The amount of respect I have for him is immense, and I am very excited for what he has to say about my questions. The reason I am not sharing my answers about Jon Scheyer’s interview is that he is yet to respond. Later this weekend, I am going to follow up on the first email I sent him to check if he got the first one. With Jon’s very busy schedule, coaching one of the best teams in the country, I understand why he hasn’t responded yet. Some of the questions I asked Coach Spatola in my interview questions are, what do you look for in a player during try-outs? And what in your opinion is the recipe of becoming a division 1 college basketball player. Next twenty time I am looking forward to blogging about both of these interviews and seeing the similarities and differences between the two. Hopefully by next twenty time, I will have both of these interviews completed and finish.

Twenty Time #10

Today during our tenth twenty time of the year. Ms. Wittman decided to have our classmates share their twenty time projects together. She gave us a work sheet that had us evaluate ourselves on how we are doing so far for our twenty times. My goal at the beginning of my twenty time was to complete a cooking recipe of the ingredients to become a Division 1 college basketball player. After almost being half way through this project, I’ve realized that I am very close to reaching my goal. Some of the roadblocks that I’ve hit are that I don’t have information yet, to complete my final product. But I have been able to produce tons of great information but it’s not quite enough for what I am looking for in my final product. This conversation with my peers has really opened my eyes to really work hard, and that this hard work will hopefully lead to my final product. Lastly we only have seven twenty time days left, and if I want to finish my final product. I have to be very productive during these class periods that we are given, to gather as much information and questions from these very knowledgable people, about Division 1 college basketball. Also from class today I learned that my classmates are doing some hard work, and that I am very excited to see what they have in store for their final product.

Twenty Time #9

Today for my twenty time project I started to generate some more questions for coaches and players. After realizing that I didn’t have enough information from my last twenty time, I started today with generating some questions for Jon Scheyer. He is a former Duke basketball star, who won a national championship in 2010, played overseas and in the NBA for a short time. Currently he is an assistant coach at Duke University. I decided to make questions for Jon today because he is a very reliable source, who knows almost everything there is to know about the game of basketball. He will also bring the perspective of being a former player to the perspective of being a coach, which I am very interested to see what he has to say about that change. Jon is also fairly young and will know more about our generation and what is currently happening today in the recruiting of  Division 1 college basketball players. Some of the questions I asked Jon are when did he realize he had a talent in the sport of basketball? What did you do to play at such great school like Duke and win a national championship? And where does he go to recruit these very talented players? I am very excited and interested to see what Jon has to say about these questions because he will bring lots of good information about my topic. He will also get me one step closer to my final goal, which is the recipe of becoming a Division 1 college basketball player.