Final Post

Hey guys. Well the book’s done. Yah. I really had a lot of fun writing it. I thought it was cool how sometimes I didn’t know what was going to happen next and  I just let the words take control and see where I ended up. Honestly, I thought the time restraints were pretty hard. If I had known how quickly the end would have come, I probably would have made some changes near the beginning on how I decided to tackle it. Honestly, this experience showed me just how much I love to write and how much I want to do it again. Here’s hoping. I am very proud of the book, and for what I feel like is good reason. This taught me that despite how much fun it was to write the book, holding it in my hand and seeing the fruits of my labor is so much better. There’s probably a word for a person like that, but I don’t know it. If my failures taught me one thing, it’s to get a schedule of longer term projects and do my best to stick to it. Just don’t tell my mom I said that. Seriously though, I did not have enough time to peer edit and I think that could have really helped me. Live and learn I guess. I think I will always remember how good it felt when I held that book in my hand and thought to myself ‘I made this.’ I guess I’ll remember the moment I decided I want to create stories.


Hey y”all. Didn’t do anything special today, just worked on the story more. I’m almost finished. I got twenty five pages and over 10,000 words. That’s right, I broke the ten thousand word line today. That really makes me feel goo about this, if nothing else about how much time and effort I have put into this. It’s just so satisfying.

The ending got a little crazy and weird, but I still think it fits with the story. I mean, what do people want to read if not something that seems straightforward only to get confusing at the end. The antagonist of the story only exists for like a page, but she makes such an impression that you can almost sense her on every other page.

This has been a lot of work but I have really enjoyed the entire process. I think that writing a book is something I might want to do again. It was a lot of work, but it was so worth it.


Hey there. I’m back. I’m just finishing up the story and in a true spy fashion, there is espionage, backstabbing, and a very confusing ending. I realized as I was writing this the story is actually very similar to this book I read once, Legend, great book. But that’s neither here nor there. I’m just tying up the last loose strings and then I will go and print out the book. Exiting right. This has been really fun over the past few months and I would definitely do it again. It’s just so justifying to write this down and realize that it is pretty good.

Anyway, today I just worked on the story. I introduced the main antagonist, who won’t play much of a part but is important none the less. I also clarified some of the less clear things that had been going on in the story.

The one thing I wish I had done differently is save some time near the end to have someone look over the story. There just isn’t enough time now. I’ll know for next time.


The story is winding down. I have set the stage for the final scene and I have to say, I really think the audience is getting into it. Sorry about all the play wordplay, but I like being clever  like that. Seriously though, I have made the final stage right about to happen in a clever witty firefight to end all clever witty firefights. I have a good idea about how it’s going to end, but I still need to refine some of the details, which I shall do tonight. I’m probably going to write some more tonight too, I am so hyped right now. It’s just so gratifying seeing everything you’ve worked for finally about to be finished, you know? After I finish writing the book, I might have someone look over it, but the really important thing I need to do is bind it. Fortunately the guys a Kinko’s are experts. Wish me luck

Post 1/12

It’s been a while since I last posted. Winter break and all, nothing to really post about. I did not do any twenty time over the break so you aren’t missing out on anything. I even forgot what number post this is, so I just wrote the date. All right, let’s get back to it.

It felt really good to get back to writing the story. I didn’t realize how much I had missed typing the keys of this keyboard to make words I wanted to make until I got back to the story. I really didn’t do much to advance the plot, but I’m about half way and that’s pretty good. I also did all of the formatting stuff now so I wouldn’t forget about it in the future. I am currently at twelve pages so I’m almost at my goal of twenty so yah. It seems so obtainable now. Well wish me luck.

Post 6

I feel really good about this. However, I don’t feel like I really did anything this time. I did get my character to his eventual destination of the climax, and I did show what that climax is going to be, but I just don’t feel like I’m writing anything really important to the book.I guess the fight scenes make me feel that. I showed what was really going on in the world of this book and I did get Eli to meet his allies; I also did show a little about the way Eli thinks, so yah, I guess I really did so some cool stuff this time.

I feel like you can guess what I did this time based on the last paragraph. Oh yah, I also broke four thousand words. Break out the good champagne. Hah Hah Hah. But seriously that shows I’m making good progress and that means a lot to me. Until next time.

Twenty Time 6

Today I really didn’t do that much. I mean I wrote words and all and I expanded the plot some, but it is surprisingly unfulfilling. I still like it, I don’t mean to say I’ve gotten board, but I just feel like there is a better way to write some of the stuff I’m writing. I do like the way I am writing it though so tough if you think there was a better way to say it.

I expanded on Doctor Nells’s character. I made him much more robotic and badass and just a more interesting character. I really like writing for him.

I also introduced two new characters, Curtis James and Howard Newman. they are two operatives for a insurgent party whose name I am still thinking of. It is one of the most pivotal points in the story and I am going to have fun writing the next twenty time. See you then.

Post 5

I didn’t really do that much this time. I mean I was productive and all and I worked on the story, but I did not really write anything special. I got Eli out of the situation I put him in, but I sort of just wrote in between words; words that set up something rather than do something themselves. But what I did today was important so I am not going to complain about what I did or wish that I did something else or anything like that. It’s all part of one big process.

I did introduce a new character today: Dr. Nells. I am not sure what I am going to have him do yet, but I did introduce him and created some personality for him, or lack there of. He is pretty much a guy who is entirely absorbed by his work and has no social skills whatsoever. He will be fun to write.

Post 4

I got to over 2,000 words today. That’s a little less exuberayting than the 1,000 mark, but I still feel like it is a good marker point. Helps me track my progress. I am however, only on my third page, but I suspect I’ll have more pages after I fix all the formatting errors. I think that I’ll be just fine on my word and page count. Worse case scenario, I just change the limit that I think I should finish. Good plan.

I got to use the main character’s name in context. It’s definitely Eli, I’ve gone too far to change that now. I also decided the context of the story, and the twist and general theme of the story. I feel that it is really coming together and I still really like to write. I can’t think of a way that I won’t like writing. I really want to finish the book, especially in my mind. I’m still writing the story in my head as I’m writing it on paper. I can’t think of another way to write it. I love it this way. Wish me luck.

Post 3

Today I figured out That I’m going to name the character Eli. I’m not sure why I’m going to name him Eli; my grandfather’s name was Elisha, so that might have something to do with it; but I sort of think it’s funny to name the most wanted criminal in this altered reality Eli. I just don’t think that a most wanted man would be called Eli. Call it a preconception.

I hit 1000 words today, so I’ going to through myself a little party. I’m nowhere near done with the book, but 1000 is a very big number and I do like to stage where I’m at. I’ve already broken the second page without all of the format fixes that I’m going to do later. I really do think that this whole thing is coming together.

I’ve sort have given Eli a little bit of trouble to run into. I actually have no idea how he will get out of it, but I’m going to figure it out in the coming week. Wish me luck.

I really have solidified the plot this time, whereas it was much more changeable the last time. You’ll have to read it to find what it’s solidified into.