Project: Breakdance #10

During this 20 time we discussed our projects with our peers. At my group there was a cooking project and a learning french project.

I discussed with my group about:

My original goals for the project

Roadblocks I’ve hit

Success I’ve had

What I’ve been able to produce so far

What I need to produce

Do I need to re-evaluate my goals

How do I feel about what I’ve accomplished

It was very interesting to discuss these questions. Overall my group rated my commitment to the project a 10/10. My productivity of day 7’s was rated 9/10. My blogging was rated a 9/10. Evidence of project was rated at 9/10. I think these are generally good ratings. I can’t wait to see what else I can do with my project. As I continue, I hope to create more things like videos of me dancing to music. I already have ideas like dancing to other music than breakdancing music, like maybe trap music.


Project: Breakdance #5

Hello everyone!

During the most recent 20 time, I was able to practice my flow and work on some tricks with Sam Grant. I have been working a lot on my baby freeze and thinking of ways to transition in and out of it. I saw a dancer who went from the first part of a flare or six-step, into a baby freeze then he popped back up and did most floor work. I experimented using his style and came out with this:

Leg swing into baby freeze and pop up 2

I also worked on jumping into the air then landing onto a baby freeze. I unfortunately ended up hitting my head multiple times and got a couple scratches, but nothing major. Here is an example of what I worked on:

Jump in baby freeze

This move can get difficult because it requires a lot of body control. Without body control my elbow would have stabbed my stomach very painfully. With the body control however, I am able to do this painlessly now.


My long term goal of windmills is progressing, although I still cannot do more than one. I am however getting closer every day. My immediate goal for next 20 time is to hold my baby freeze for 1 minute. This means that I will have to build up my core strength.

Project: Breakdance #4

Hello! So today, I worked with Sam Grant, who you should check out on Youtube at:

He showed me many different types of moves that I can gradually incorporate into my breakdance combos. Some moves that he showed me were front handsprings, aerials, one-handed cartwheels, and butterfly kicks. As of now, I need to start practicing back handsprings and back flips. I have some interesting combos in mind that I should be able to record by next 20 time. I also may be teaching Sam Grant how to do some back handspring type moves for his Youtube channel. I also practiced windmills during my time, but unfortunately, I’m still only able to do one windmill. I need to work on using my momentum to propel my windmills do that I can string multiple windmills together.

Project: Breakdance #3

Well, today I worked on my windmills and transitions into a baby freeze. I was very tense and focused during the brief recording, so it does not look great. Here is the first try at my windmills.


Currently, I know my own problems. By muscling my way up to finish 1 windmill, I am unable to continue. So in the future, I need to work on keeping lower towards the ground. It should not be too long before I can do sloppy, but consecutive windmiils. From there on, it will be cleaning up and sloppiness.

Project: Breakdance #2

During my first 20 Time, I sent an email to our dance teacher here at the DA high school to ask if the dance room was available for my future 20 Time time slots. I have yet to receive an email. However, during the rest of the period I was able to find VincaniTV Youtube videos outside of YouTube because our tech department at the high school has blocked youtube. I watched this video several times:

For the rest of the period I explored other breakdance moves that I will add to my set at the end of the year. Some of these moves were:


Overall, I learned some very interesting new breakdance moves that I need to learn and work on in the future. During next 20 time I will hopefully have a room to practice in arranged. If not the dance room, then maybe another room! We will see…


Project: Breakdance #1

My idea for the twenty time project is breakdancing. I plan on working alone, to improve my own abilities in breakdancing. My hope is that everyone will be able to see my project and appreciate all the hard work and effort it is to breakdance. This project is worthwhile because it spreads a culture that has been declining and been decreasing in size since it peaked a few years ago. My goal for this project is not simply to get better at breakdancing, but to learn how to do specific breakdance power moves like windmills and maybe flares. By the end of the year, I will hopefully have a video lasting a couple minutes of me breakdancing to awesome beats. Overall my project will cost nothing at all, besides a lot of effort on my part. My timeline can be as short or long as I want it to be. On one hand, I could be content with windmills, but if I did that too fast, then I could work on flares.

If you want to learn what windmills are, here is a good example on YouTube:

If you want to learn what flares are, here is a good example on YouTube: