Twenty Time #8

Lately my Twenty Time has been really tough, but my struggle has come to an end. I met with my teacher and explained that I have been baking every weekend and practicing on the trampoline. While both of these are really fun for me, my parents think I need to spend less time on a school project. She gladly said it doesn’t have to be as often as your making it. For the baking part of my project I think that working with bread, doughnuts, pastry dough or puff pastry, a mousse tartlet, ice cream, cake, and a bar would be my main projects that I have left to do. When I think about what needs to be done and then start doing it I get really tired. Most people don’t understand how long everything takes to do or make, for example, the italian meringue buttercream frosting that I use takes 40 minutes to make. And I have to wait for the egg whites in the buttercream to come to room temperature which takes about 20 minutes. Then I have to prep the cupcake batter and bake them and clean everything, frost the cupcakes and then wrap them. As you can see the list goes on and on, I spent 8 hours on a cupcake because I videotaped it and cleaned, this process should have taken about 3. Then again, I did complete a Dark Chocolate Cupcake filled with Orange Curd Custard, topped with candied orange peel, orange italian meringue buttercream, and a decoration written in chocolate saying 2016. I think that if I upload less often and do more outside things that this could alleviate a lot of the money that goes in to my Twenty Time project. This weekend I attempted  a back tuck with my dad spotting me, but I ended up needing someone else to spot me, because back tucks aren’t very easy. I can do a standing power back tuck on the trampoline, where I get the least bounce as possible, I’ve decided that one weekend I will go to Bull City Gymnastics center and work on my back tuck there, and hopefully learn how to do a double backflip on the trampoline. I am working on my front split and backbend right now, I practice twice a day, every day for about an hour and a half. Then on the weekends and thursdays I work on my aerial/dive cartwheel, front handspring and trampoline tricks. In conclusion I now have end goals and a plan for the rest of the year. Some goals: side aerial, front aerial, scorpion (moderately), back handspring, back tuck, and a parallel spinning kick. I am looking forward to the rest of the year.

Link to channel:

Twenty Time #7

Even though my best videos for my project haven’t been uploaded yet, I definitely know much better now how to interact while I am demonstrating good technique. Youtube has been a little complicated though, turns out I have a channel called Samuel Grant and one called Sam Grant. Here are the links to both:

Even though a lot of the better videos haven’t been posted to my channel yet, I still am able to make a video every weekend and upload and edit a different one. So far I have made a Chocolate Soufflé with coffee whipped cream, peanut butter flour buttercream filled chocolate chip cookies, ultimate coconut cupcakes with toasted coconut and filled with lemon curd and a tri-color icing technique that I just learned while doing. Chocolate Vegan Cupcakes, chocolate meringue pie, lime cookies, chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate italian meringue buttercream, and coconut cocadas cookies. plus all of the other desserts I made before I started this project.

I have learned how to do a front tuck, front flip, front handspring, handstand, pre-aerial, and pre-aerial round off. I am still fine tuning a lot of these but I also discovered that I have real potential and skill in areas I never thought I could do. Something that sets me apart from other bakers and tricking people is the music I listen to is very alternative to the norm.

Here is a video of me doing a trick I learned about 3 weeks ago:

As far as supplies goes, I am always wanted to use raw and really fresh fruit, and I might be taking a trip to Michael’s to get clear disposable piping bags, new tips for frosting, and a case for them. As far as the agility part goes, I am trying to have a stronger focus on the baking and then move on to the tricks, but anytime I can I am practicing splits, or doing butterflies, watching youtube tutorials, or figuring out tricks on the trampoline. Possibly I am considering uploading two videos in one day, and maybe even start having fun with having a flash forward to something else to make the video shorter. I really like both parts of this, but I feel like if I have both of them equally important than I won’t excel enough. I have also thought a lot about singing, trampoline choreography to a song, and cooking. I really like singing, but songwriting is too hard, the lyrics are hard enough, but when you try to make beats; it’s exceedingly difficult.

In the end I am really excited to see if my hobby of baking turns into a passion and a skill.

Twenty Time #6

Today I uploaded a video a cocadas coconut cookie dipped in chocolate and my signature get up in style video. I still have lots to do even though I have two videos already made, I still have been baking new things every weekend. Here’s the link to my cocadas chocolate cookies (sorry about the bad video quality and it is super fast):

Next week I will be uploading a video on lime cookies with a cartwheel collaboration that I did with Noah. I learned from my friends that I should upload two separate videos if the first video is too long. Also during this week I am going to work on many different song ideas: writing some christian rock music, also I might be singing some Adele. And I might also do a re-eneacting of an Adele song. On a trampoline I would play the song out loud and sort of lip-sink the song and also be doing tricks that represent different movies. As far as practicing stunts go, I might be able to go to a facility and maybe even have a personal trainer or one of my old friends, Elizabeth Culton. You should check out her website, she literally loves gymnastics so much that she can take all of her classes from Trinity at the facility. She has been doing gymnastics since she was 3 and you should definitely check out her website:

Also I got my mom’s old ballet bar out of the closet and I have been practicing a butterfly so then I can add a twist to the butterfly itself once I get it on ground. It’s basically like keeping your body flat and your legs straight, then you had a dip and a rotation. Also this weekend I discovered that I could do a new trick on the trampoline, but I don’t know the name of it yet. It’s like a powerful kick going forward and then you add rotations. To recap I will be working on my stunts at home, I like to do about fifteen minutes of stretching and ballet bar, then a little bit of calisthenics, maybe some lifting, and then I like to finish with a sold 30-45 minutes of trampoline. I have lots of requirements for when I go on the trampoline, such as I must do 3 backflips in a row, 3 front flips to backflips, 3 backflip to front flips, 6 aerials, 3 gainers and rising gainers, 3 round-off to backtucks. 6 standing bactucks, lots of front and backhadnsprings  and variations on all of these. Also to stretch sometimes I do mid-air straddles on the trampoline.

Twenty Time #5

Today, me and Noah worked on front handsprings in the dance room and made a cartwheel tutorial on ground. In the future I think I will be making a video with alfajores which are latin american sandwich cookies and a chocolate soufflé´with coffee infused whipped cream. I also will be uploading a cocadas cookie video with my signature get up move and another spanish cookie video. This Sunday I am going to upload a basic egg sandwich using the leftover egg yolks from the buttercream on last week’s video and a front flip trampoline tutorial possibly with my friend Clayton. I am unsure as to why this happened, but my video did not make it on to my channel, youtube says I have an account which has my first video and my channel which has this video. So here’s the link to Chocolate Chip Cupcakes w/ Chocolate Italian Meringue Buttercream:

I’ve been thinking about my songwriting still so, I might be singing some song covers in the future as well as writing Christian music, Christian music is speaks to me because my relationship with god is something I want to change. So on Sunday I will be uploading the egg yolk sandwich and front flip tutorial video on Sunday.

Blog Post #4

My project on my youtube channel has been going smoothly, apart from someone at my school playing my videos during class. I think I sound weird when recorded, and we people are playing it on full volume during class it drives me crazy. I have made an introductory video on youtube, iI just ask that you don’t play it during class. This is the link:

I have made a cupcake video that I will post on Sunday, I also have already made an egg sandwich with leftover egg yolks, and a cocadas coconut cookie for my spanish class. It’s a Bolivian coconut cookie covered in aztec inspired melted chocolate and dusted with cardamom. I still need to edit all of them, but each one will be posted on each Sunday. I really enjoy my youtube channel, and I have a few new goals to achieve in the next two months and that is to make shorter and easier to edit videos and to make eye contact. A wedding cake is still one of my goals, but right now I am going to keep doing cupcakes and then I’ll move onto cakes and holiday desserts.

Changing My Songwriting Project

Originally I was going to give myself two weeks to write a song, but it became very clear to me that I wasn’t meant to write music, at least not right now. So instead I am starting a Youtube channel called Baking With Agility, essentially it was my backup plan and I think it will bring in promising changes. At my schoolI always constantly talk about food, some of it rubbed off from my mom, some of it is just interest. I started baking this summer and am always talking about food, but I also want to explore more into baking and show other people how to do cook. Like the Ratatouille movie says, anyone can cook. On my youtube channel I won’t just be baking and cooking, I will also be giving life advice from things that I have learned so far and the agility part are my tricks that I do to work off all the pastries that I make. Since I just started this summer, I am not sure where this YouTube channel will take me, but it will improve my way to edit movies on an application and then speaking about my baking online will be a good way to not entice people at my school to bring them baked goods. A few of my goals are to achieve a back tuck and a back handspring on ground as well as a full twist on a trampoline.

Twenty Time 10/15

Today I gave into the decision to keep my project about songwriting for at least another week. If I can’t good lyrics for at least one song in the next two weeks then I am going to change my project because it’s good to admit when you are unable to do something. My mentor so far has been well not very patient but if I were her I wouldn’t be either. The songs that I have started don’t have any flow and also they aren’t about any personal experiences. So the next two weeks I am going to try to write a song about a deep emotion that truly speaks to me, even though it will probably end up being better but I still don’t know if it will work that well. In conclusion in the next two weeks if I can’t get a song written then I am going to a different project.

First Twenty Time Day

On Friday the whole E period English class worked on our Twenty Time projects. I had much difficulty writing this song it is just really hard for lyrics to rhyme and mean the same thing without the music piece. My mentors, Miriam and Elena have been helping me a lot with this project and I think it will turn out really nice so this is the beginning of my song and I hope you enjoy it! I still need to do a lat of editing and I think that next week that Elena is going to try and help me use Garageband. The lyrics will be a lot easier to pair with the music if their is music!

You are heartbroken

I know you’re in the world somewhere.

Forgive me or don’t

It’s your choice

Be a fool, see if I care. 

Throw your hateful words at me.

The more your pain controls you,

the more despicable you will be.

How can it make you feel free?

Don’t fret, it’s not your fault

We’re just a disaster by default.

Don’t even try, we’re not the same. 

Break your spell of love ‘cause I refuse to play your games

I don’t want your bitterness,

you can keep it all,

Notice how the higher I soar,

the lower you start to fall.

Get a life, don’t ruin mine

Not what I’m supposed to say.

Always striving for perfection

An uphill battle every day.

Well, you saw me dancin’ with that other girl,

You cannot hide, you know you’re jealous of her

Keep denying it, just keep fighting it,

Now you know I’m done, just keep trying to move on

Don’t fret, it’s not your fault

We’re just a disaster by default.

Don’t even try, we’re not the same. 

Break your spell of love ‘cause I refuse to play your games

Don’t fret, it’s not your fault

We’re just a disaster by default.

Don’t even try, cause in the end,

Only after you’ve truly changed, can you call yourself a friend.


Twenty Time: Songwriting

For my project I decided on songwriting. Songwriting to me is a very neat way to express emotions and thoughts about life and to compare things from the past to to the present. Songwriting is something I really want to try because it is really hard for me and it is highly creative. To be clear I am like a time bomb just waiting to explode with information and opinions. For example a lot of music nowadays can be very inspiring, depending on the genre, but most music people listen to from age 11 to 18 is not inspiring or really creatively written music. I tried to write a song once, and it was really hard. Ever since I tried that and failed I wanted to try again, so this project is a great way for me to do some songwriting. I specifically just want to write lyrics, not actually put in notes for the songs.  But I would want to mix the lyrics with some beats on GarageBand.


This project I think will help me with my negativity issues, and help me release my hostility in a better way. For this project I will need headphones to listen to music when I get stuck on writing a song and pen and paper or my laptop. For my project the steps in writing a song will include finding good words to express what is meant and then putting them into the song. Also I will need to specify in the part of the song if it is the chorus or just another verse and I will need to specify the genre at the beginning of the song. The outcome of doing this project will give me a better way to express my feelings and thoughts about things rather than taking it on other people, which often affects my mood for the day.