Twenty Time Reflection

What did you enjoy about the experience?

I enjoyed doing something that I love, which is playing lacrosse. I enjoyed taking a day off of discussions about the odyssey and Persepolis etc.

What was the most challenging aspect of your Twenty Time project?

The most challenging aspect was making the videos of me stringing because I didn’t really know how to do it so the quality was very bad.

What is one thing you learned about yourself by participating in your Twenty Time project?

The one thing I learned about myself from this project was that I am creative because I made my video with some inspiration from other youtube videos and other stuff from online social media.

What are you most proud of? Why?

I am most proud of my stringing and pocket design because I have never strung a lacrosse stick with that sort of precision and pocket placement in the head.

What lessons did you learn from your successes?

I learned that taking risks sometimes will come out to be positive and you will be glad that you did them.

What lessons did you learn from your failures?

I learned that taking risks sometimes will come back to haunt you and really put you in a situation where you will have trouble.

What is one thing about this project you believe you’ll remember for a long time to come?

I will remember the video I took of myself shooting the back handed shot without looking and hitting the tip left corner of the goal. Probably one of the sickest shot I have ever taken.

What is something the teacher could have done to make this project better?

I think that everything was perfect. Every day 7 we get to work on it. We start at the beginning of the year and end at the end of the year. We get to choose any topic we want. I am not sure there is anything to modify about his project.

Blog Post 17

Today during school I went around and ask a few people who I thought were good candidates for my project. I first went and asked my three friends Alex Hoffman, Noah Cox, and Michael Savarino to participate in my project and learn how to string a certain type of pocket on a lacrosse stick. They declined my offer so I then asked my friends on the DA mens lacrosse team. I asked three friends and they said they would do it. I asked Dan Clifford, Spencer Sapir, and Jack Mishra. Dan and Spencer are both freshman and Jack is a senior. All three of these guys have played lacrosse for a good amount of time in their lives but still don’t know how to string a stick. So I want them to watch my video and learn how to string a lacrosse stick. What I plan to do in the future is just record them stringing a lacrosse stick anywhere.

Blog Post 16

Today, I decided to think about my people that I would ask to help me finish my project. These three people will watch one of the three videos of my stringing the lacrosse stick and they will learn from my video how to string the lacrosse stick. I will give them the option of learning how string either the low pocket, the mid pocket, or the high pocket. However, I want one person to watch one video, so one person watch the low pocket video, one person watch the mid pocket video, and one person to watch the high pocket video. What I think I’ll do is just record them watching the video and also record them stringing it as they are watching. I want to try and put the video and the person in the whole frame of the camera. After the video is over, I’ll probably just put time-lapse on this because it will surely take a very long time for the person to closely watch me string the stick and learn where to put the string in which hole.

Blog Post 15

I have recorded all three videos of me stringing the lacrosse sticks and giving a tutorial on all three of them. I sat in my big white seat on my room and recorded my stringing them. I did just commentate while I was stringing the stick instead of making a different video. The interesting thing is that I set up my phone on top of my chair behind me and put my phone  on top of my mini goalie stick which was very skeptical. But it worked which was great. All I have left to do is get three random people to watch my videos and have them learn how to string a certain type of pocket on a lacrosse stick. I believe that I will be able to get at least three people that will be willing to do this and do it happily. I am very excited to see the finished product.

Blog Post 14

Today I actually figured what i wanted to do to finish my project. Instead of making two separate videos, one stringing and one commentary, I decided to just commentate while stringing the video. I believe that this will be much easier than having to do a whole bunch of editing later in the year. I will record three videos of me stringing and commentating on how to string the three different lacrosse pockets. After, I will get three people to learn how to string those pockets by watching the video that I made. My goal is that the sticks that the three people will string will be functional and perform very well. I will probably make the video sometime over the weekend and later that week show that video to three other people.

Blog Post 13

Today is March 8, 2016 and last night I gave a tutorial on how to string a low pocket in a lacrosse stick. I used the same stick I strung at the beginning to give the tutorial. What I did was a just restrung the sidewall string in the head and just went really slow in stringing it and later I am going to narrate the video and give specific instructions on where to put the knots and how to do them. Also, I unstrung the top string and gave a tutorial on that as well. So last night I strung a low pocket and now I have to string a mid pocket and a high pocket and commentate on it as well. I recorded in my room sitting on my comfortable white chair and strung the stick with the pink strings. I went really slow so that the viewer can really see how I am stringing the stick. So next I have to string and give a tutorial on the mid pocket.

Blog Post 12

Today, I figured out where I am going to record. I am going to record at home in my room and I will set up the video camera on a stand. Also, I will have the lacrosse stick I will be stringing in front of a blue wall in the background so you can vividly see the strings while I’m string the mesh into the holes of the head. What I plan to do is record me stringing it and after that I will commentate on the video in a different recording. In the commentary I will explain how I am stringing the lacrosse so that the viewer watching the tutorial will learn how to do it. Unfortunately I couldn’t do this during the twenty time period today because I didn’t bring my lacrosse strings and the background I want to use is at home. So I will probably make the tutorial video for all three sticks this weekend and get it done.  After this video is made, I am going to try and find three people to watch this video and hopefully they will learn how to string a certain pocket in a lacrosse head.

Blog Post 11

Today, I am thinking about how I am going to record myself giving the tutorial on stringing the top string and the sidewall to a lacrosse stick. Im not sure where to record or how but I believe in the last post I said that I would use a white background to record. However, Im not sure where to do it so I am going to have to find a place to record the tutorial. Today in class, I watched more videos of tutorials on lacrosse sticks to try and find the best way to record.

Blog Post 10

Our reflection session today was really great today. I heard lots of good things from other people and how they are doing really well with their projects. Also, I really like talking about my project because it kind of opened my eyes and I realized what I had to do. What I plan to do is record myself stringing the same stick that I strung earlier and restring it with a white background and with the same string so you can see how I tie my knots and where I put the strings in which hole of the lacrosse head. I feel really confident about my project and I am very excited to finish and see the final piece.

Blog post 9

Today, I watched some youtube videos on how to string a lacrosse stick. I was really looking for how the people actually give the tutorial with the background and the lighting and if you should have your face in the camera frame or not. I learned a lot and I have a good idea of what I want to do. What I think I’m going to do is only put the lacrosse head I will be stringing in the camera frame and have the spectator just watch the lacrosse head as a commentate while stringing the head on what to do and how to string a certain type of lacrosse pocket (the pocket is where the ball sits inside the head on top of the mesh). I will take three videos on all three different heads and give the tutorial for each one.