Schedule of dates 2015-2016

SCHEDULE OF DAY 7s for 2015-2016

Listed below are all the Day 7s that I have set aside for you to work on your Twenty time projects.  You are expected to blog WITHIN 24 HOURS of the date given.  If you are working on your Twenty time outside of class, be sure to include the dates and times you worked on your project in the content of your blog.

Your first blog is about your project.  Essentially, you will take the information you presented to the class and put it in writing for the general public.  The goal for this post is that anybody who reads your initial blog will have a great idea of what you are doing, why, how, and what you hope to achieve.

Subsequent blogs are there for the both of us to track your progress.  I should be able to read your post, and by the end of it, account for your fifty minutes, be able to assess your progress, and get a sense of how you are feeling about your project thus far.  All posts must be at least 150 words in length and images included to provide a visual are always appreciated.

#1 – Tuesday, September 22 – Project Proposal
#2 – Friday, October 7
#3 – Thursday, October 15
#4 – Monday, October 26
#5 – Friday, Nov. 6
#6 – Wednesday, Nov. 18
#7 – Wednesday, Dec. 2
#8 – Tuesday, January 12

#9 – Wednesday, January 27 – Snow day make-up day
#10 – Tuesday, Feb. 2
#11 – Friday, Feb. 12
#12 – Wed., Feb. 24
#13 – Tues., March 8
#14 – Thursday, March 24
#15 – Thursday, April 7
#16 – Tuesday, April 19
#17 – Friday, April 29

Future days to prepare for your final presentation TBD.