SAS review

After using a new program (new to me at least), SAS, an online writing “critic” tool, I feel a new sense of corrected. To be quite honest, prior to using the program I felt superior to the computer and all it had to offer me. Computers can crash at any moment for spinning too fast, being dropped three feet, having a little spilled coffee in their chests; humans, however, can survive all of those obstacles without even minor scratches. So until using the SAS program, I felt superior. This haughty feeling was stripped from me as the computer proved to me the mistakes I was making, and justified them as if it knew the thoughts on my mind and were challenging them immediately. I was shocked at the speed of the program, taking precisely 5 seconds to find 7 cliches, three misplaced modifiers, and four misspelled words among other gramatical errors.

I cannot figure out the perfect way to compare this to what a physical teacher has to offer, other than to say that it is very different and I do not see this as a program that will put any teachers out of a job, now or in the future. A physical teacher offers an in depth explaination of errors, and allows one the opportunity to better understand, having the ability to answer immediate questions that come to mind. Real teachers offer applicable examples, offer smiles and encouragement and real world knowledge.

Other than the obvious idea that teachers and SAS both have a greater understanding of our mistakes, I do not see significant enough similarities for English teachers to worry; they still hold an extremely significant role in our school community, and in my opinion, always will.

XO, Virginia


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Osama Llama Mama Rama is A-GONE-A

Being a strong Republican and Obama critic, my response to the cross fire killing of Osama Bin Ladin might surprise some. Following the Al Quaeda attack on the U.S. that resulted in the landmark “Ground Zero”, Osama Bin Ladin became a target for the U.S. Military and some saw him as the most Wanted man on earth. My first response to the killing, was curiosity at what my pastor thought of the whole ordeal. Ultimately, I feel sadness that a man could have done something so terrible that the whole world would rejoice in his death. I feel victory for our hard working military, but overall sadness. So while I sport my red white and blue today, don’t be fooled, I’m not celebrating the death of Osama as much as I am celebrating the end of him.

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My comment on the Unknown Soldiers Blog

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My Favorite Blogs

My all time favorite blog is called Confessions of a 20 Something. I love the writing style because  the author, Alison, writes as if she were speaking to you and posts the cutest pictures that are a) from her life, and b) cute pictures/clothes/accessories she finds! My second favorite is called Living in the Life of E, written by a girl living in the Mountains of NC and about her every day life. The third is called Let’s Be Preppy and this one’s so cute I think it’s self explanatory! 🙂





XO, Virginia

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International Day

Each year at Durham Academy, the Upper School sets aside a day in the school year to celebrate cultures from around the world. In the past, workshops were held and food from all around the world was collected in “the quad”  for all to enjoy, but this year was a little bit different. To start the day each student went to their advisory to take a “World Quiz”, which asked governmental questions from around the globe, and from there we went to Kenan to watch the first segment of a three-part documentary. The film this year was called “Time for School III”, which shared the stories of children from all different places: poverty, death, promise, wealth, restriction, prejudice but ultimately there was one story; an education is one of the most valuable things on earth and should not be taken for granted.

After finishing the first segment, and getting yelled at for having cell phones on during the film, we headed out for lunch to follow a pointless advisory discussion. The lunch was definitely the best part of the day. Guacamole, fried diced chicken in orange ginger glaze, sauteed noodles and onions in light peanut sauce, mexican crumb cookie cakes that melt in your mouth, crepes with sweetened strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate and the best part of the day: guacamole and black beans. Can you say YUM? Ultimately, I was very disappointed with the changes made this year to International Day, as I felt they were not changes beneficial to us, but merely put a damper on a day that used to be looked forward to for months at the school.

Does your school have an International Day? If so, how do you celebrate?

XO, Virginia

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Hello world!

Welcome to DA Labs Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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