Semi-Final Draft of Cover No. 1

Hello! This is the semi-final draft of the first cover in my series:

“Corporate Account” is a musical alias of mine, but I’ve very rarely used it. The main inspiration for this cover is the cover of the electronic album Shader by Sacred Tapestry, which also uses a varied land of geometric cubes accompanied by a frame and simple typography:

For my cover, I also used the “Halftone” effect, which evokes older print media (such as magazines), making images seem more retro and organic, rather than flat and digital. Here is a zoom on the cubes to see the halftone effect more closely:

There are other small, mostly unnoticeable tweaks I hope to make in the final version. The most noticeable tweak is that I want the “frame” around the cubes to look more organic as well; I can do this by taking an image of a paper texture and layering transparently it over the frame’s edges. This effect can be seen on the cover of Shader:

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