In-Progress: Ciar

Hello! I decided that I wanted the second cover in my series to be influenced by the look of Metal records, Black Metal (a particularly dark and gloomy subgenre) especially. The first thing I needed was a name for my non-existent (as of now…) metal project. The name I chose is “Ciar,” which has at least two meanings to it. According to Wiktionary, it means “dark” or “gloomy” in Scottish Gaelic, and it’s linguistically connected to my last name, “Kerin,” which is also related to the given name “Ciarán,” which is common among Irish people. I also checked the Rateyourmusic database to see if there is any musical project (metal or otherwise) with the name Ciar, and I found none. I felt satisfied with the name.

Then, I needed to design the logo. My primary inspiration was the logo of my friend’s Black Metal project “Moon,” on the label 7Form. The Moon logo looks like this:

What I enjoy about this logo is how, while the name “Moon” is plainly visible if you know which letters are where, it is still illegible on first look. I wanted to make a logo that imitates this logo’s messiness and semi-legibility. I designed an angular base of letters, and then, using a Photoshop brush, made a messy design over my trace. The two steps of my process are shown below:

I’ve played a fun game with my friends seeing how quickly they can figure out what the Ciar logo and the Moon logo say. They seemed to have an equal amount of difficulty with both, making me feel as if my imitation of what I like about my friend’s logo was a success…

While my taste in Black Metal is not particularly expansive, another Black Metal release I like is Goétie by the Canadian group Akitsa. I’m inspired by its cover style as well:

Specifically, I enjoy its simplicity, extremely limited color palette, and usage of photography against a solid color background. My next step for this project is to, with my fairly high quality digital camera, take a photo of the woods behind my house, and then consult the Internet, Mr. Haynes, and/or my additional consultant Harun M. on how I can achieve a similar limited-color effect as on the above cover.

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  1. Will, you’ve done a masterful job of making this process accessible to someone who doesn’t bring background knowledge to it. Thanks for expanding my world!

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