Ciar, Continued!

I have made a lot of progress on the cover of my hypothetical metal debut!

Firstly, Mr. Haynes graciously lent me one of his cameras to use. I took the camera and went down to the woods near the tennis court. I made sure to not get any man-made objects in the frame – I wanted it to be naturalistic. It also happened to be a very foggy day, which also was helpful for the mood I wished to capture.

Then, with Mr. Haynes’ help, I edited the colors to my liking.

I found that putting the photo in a small white border (in the style of the Akitsa cover from my previous post) wasn’t working, especially not with my desire to include the logo alongside it. Therefore, I cropped the edited photo to make it the background of the cover. Here it is with no overlay:

The above image would make a fantastic cover in its own right; however, I wanted to incorporate the logo. This was difficult. My attempts to include it often didn’t mix well with the background at all, or just otherwise looked unappealing. Here is an example of this:

When I showed my progress to some friends of mine, specifically my fellow artists in the 7Form community, they had two suggestions that stuck out to me. The first was to make the logo white (and, in turn, the bar black), and the second was to make the bar semi-transparent. I then made even more variations of the cover, eventually arriving at this, which I am incredibly happy with:

I love how the transparent black bar blends in with the background, leaving the woods still fully visible, while also making the logo more visible. I appreciate how the graininess of the background mixes with the black bar.

My friends at 7Form were happy with this result too. However, if I decide to tweak it further, I still have the Photoshop file, and several other possibilities: 

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