I wanted to make something inspired by covers of the genre “space ambient” in the 70s, particularly covers of Klaus Schulze albums.

What I noticed about these covers that caught my eye was the usage of unnatural lighting and the sharp contrast between different colors.

Because I am not an illustrator, and I am avoiding using copyrighted materials for this project, I found it practical to work with photography rather than illustration. I first talked with Mr. Haynes about different lighting techniques. I decided on the color red, both because of the Cyborg cover above, and because it was a color I hadn’t used yet.

I sat in a stool very patiently as Mr. Haynes took some photos of me from the waist up. I purposefully brought a red sweater that day when I went to school, as I felt it would be fitting and match the lighting well.

Here’s the photo I used, cropped, before and after I adjusted the raw .CR2 file and added some grain.

And then, I added an overlay, making the final product.

I added the border and label in the top right to make it more “retro,” once again inspired by Klaus Schulze covers. The fictional label “Gator” is named after Claria Corporation, a defunct spyware company. “Will Cirenes” is just a variation of my real name. I chose the title from looking up names of random stars.

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