After the first three, I felt I earned the opportunity to make something more unconventional…

My main inspiration for this cover was the work of the musician and visual artist Patrick Totally. I have included two examples of his album cover work below:

I appreciate the freeform “collage” nature of these covers, and their usage of both images found online and personal photography. This was my first attempt at a collage piece:

Sources for these are all photographs I’ve taken, including photos of notebook doodles, a Chinese worksheet, an empty Bojangles box that I saw in a parking garage, and a photo of a bird in a tree.

When I showed this to Mr. Haynes, his main concern was that it looked too uniform and orderly. While I personally like this “organized chaos” method, it’s not what I was originally going for. I think the above draft is good, but I wanted to experiment more with purposeful messiness. This was the result:

I feel very satisfied with this result. There is significant variation in the texture of the three photos used (a notebook doodle, a photo of a printed digital piece, and a photo of nature), while still maintaining a motif, namely birds. The warping of the tree photo also makes the bird in it more visually obvious, which is good.

I like both of the covers I have created. However, the second one is what I will be treating as one of my final pieces.


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