Oct 23


Working with R over the weekend was tougher than I had expected. I thought it was going to be an easy process, but unfortunately, it was not. It took a while to get the data into R so that I could start playing around and seeing what I can do with it. R is very unique because of how it operates in comparison to the other programs. I think that I should be able to start the actual cleaning of this data relatively soon, I just need to learn how to do that first and then we are all set.

Oct 19

My Data

This class period I just spent time looking over the Data that my dad kindly gave to me. It was about 20 pages long and it has a lot of information on it. It has research from the different parts of Zambia and it has about 100 questions maybe and there are different ways to answer each question. I am looking forward to finishing this data set this weekend so that I can start cleaning it.

Oct 16

R and Data

Today I spent more time looking up how I am going to clean this data. There are a few miscalculated errors and other things such as this so I hope to get all of this done before I can start doing my statistical analysis. I have looked up more things about cleaning data and what I really need to do with this data. I look forward to continuing this process and soon I will be able to do my stats that I have been wanting to do.

Oct 15


Today I got the data into R and started playing around with it. I got the data from my father over the weekend (after doing all my college applications) and I uploaded it into R. I have not done much besides that because of the limited time I had this weekend. I am on track to complete a good amount of data cleaning this week and next week so that the following week, I can start seeing Mr. Ross for statistical help and analysis.

Oct 11

R and Tests

I finally got the data set and I am going to be putting it into R this weekend. I plan on cleaning the data for the next 2 weeks and then I should be set for the statistical tests. I am going to start meeting with Mr. Ross after I finish cleaning the data and then after that, I should be able to finish my paper.

Oct 09


Today, instead of playing around with R, I looked at how I could clean the data. I was searching and searching and seeing how I could make the data make more sense and how I could make it look neater. I looked at this website (https://www.datacamp.com/courses/cleaning-data-in-r) and it helped a lot because it had step by step processes with how to clean it so when I start cleaning the data I will know how to do it. I should be able to start cleaning soon.

Oct 05

Statistical Tests in R

Today I learned about how to do certain tests in R. For example, I now have the coding to do a One Sample T-test and a Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test. These are just 2 of the many tests that are available in this programming. (http://r-statistics.co/Statistical-Tests-in-R.html). This website was extremely helpful so when I get home this weekend, I am going to add the data and then I am going to have to learn how to clean it because at the moment it had a few problems.

Oct 04

Looking for statistical tests to do

Today I looked at which tests I want to do on my data. I took a break from looking and messing around with R to look more in-depth about the tests that I am going to do on the data. I am going to get the Data from my father this weekend and then upload it into R and then start seeing what I can do with it. I am going to have a fun weekend.

Oct 03


Today I did not watch any youtube videos, but I was more focused on different websites that can help me get to my goal. I am trying to be able to program using R in about 2-3 weeks so that I can have enough time to clean my data and do my statistical tests. I found several pdfs online to help me out and I was going through one of them and trying to learn some new stuff today. (https://cran.r-project.org/doc/contrib/Paradis-rdebuts_en.pdf). By the end of next week I should be able to add my data set it and start playing around more so with that.

Oct 02

More with R

I have been learning the very first stages of R and part of this includes how to get my data into the system. I have been looking through Youtube videos ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32o0DnuRjfg ) and also just web pages that have helpful information (https://www.computerworld.com/article/2497164/business-intelligence/business-intelligence-beginner-s-guide-to-r-get-your-data-into-r.html#tk.ctw-infsb). I have now learned a little more with this programming and how to insert my data when that time comes. I look forward to learning more about the other aspects I can discover using R.


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